Press Release

PureSoft has released Linux Management Console, a brand new powerful Linux Server Administration Toolkit.

Linux Management Console is a server administration toolkit for Linux Servers. With Linux Management Console everything you need to administrate your Linux Servers
from a Windows Workstation is at your fingertips.

Logfile Analysis with powerful search- and filter options, SSH Remote Access (PuTTY), File Management (WinSCP), X11 Remote Control, HTML SysInfo Reports and
Management Link Administration are some features of this helpful toolkit.

The main linux logfile /var/log/messages includes general system alerts with hunderts of different sources. Almost all sources are logged with cryptical abbreviations. Linux
Management Console explains the source name and gives you a detailed source description. Unknown event sources can be looked up in the Linux Source Information Data-
base using an internet connection.

Using Linux Management Console you can organize your servers by location, site or group (for example you can build server groups by functionality as web servers, database
servers and so on). Linux Management Console is secure: the login credentials are stored encrypted, additionelly you can lock the Linux Management Console application
with a single key press or mouse click.

There are different licensing models, from the free management solution for home users until the site license for global corporate structures.

The Light Edition (LE) of the Linux Management Console (LMC) is a  f r e e  software, which offers all features with full functionality including a free three server license (no
registration needed). The LE is without expiration but it is limited to three servers.

The Personal Edition (PE) of the Linux Management Console (LMC) is a low-cost software which offers all LMC features without any limitation. The PE is also without
expiration, but it is limited to ten servers.

The Enterprise Edition (EE) of the Linux Management Console (LMC) allows to administrate an unlimited number of servers.

The Site Edition (SE) of the Linux Management Console (LMC) permits to use an unlimited number of LMC installations within an organization.

The Linux Management Console Homepage can be found at www.puresoft.de.

Requests are welcome at info@puresoft.de.